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 Jmbrealty Services, Inc. is not your ordinary professional real estate company. We make things happen for our clients without sacrificing excellence. We're goal driven, resourceful and flexible.

In our newsletters will will give examples of recent projects as well as information to help you in your real estate and financial plans and situations. 

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JmbRealty From Identification to Close Full Service Commercial Real Estate and Finance
Volume 24 Issue 10, March 2013

JmbRealty From Identification to Close Full Service Commercial Real Estate and FinanceJmbrealty Company - Full Service Company - FROM IDENTIFICATION TO CLOSING!


Bank repossessed 27,000 sqft office building, 47% occupied with short-term leases, neglected for two years while property went through foreclosure. Bank eager to sell. Acquisition price well below reproduction costs.


Is there potential to create value? Once this opportunity was identified, the next step was to analyze the properties' potential, determine how to put together an acquisition team, raise the equity and secure a loan.


Property was thoroughly analyzed including economics, condition, future potential and market by Jmbrealty Services, Inc and CBC Griffin Associates. Once the analysis was completed and the project deemed feasible, this investment opportunity was presented to equity partners to determine interest. With interest established, a team consisting of investors, property managers, leasing agents, financial services and vendors were brought together to fine tune the details. A purchase offer was presented by the team to the selling bank, negotiated and finally accepted by the bank. 

In the meantime, Jmbrealty Services, Inc. commenced its pursuit of developing lender interests; needless to say, it was not an easy task with the current high vacancy and the generally difficult lending environment. While the rest of the details were being attended to, the investors made a decision to go with one of the lender's proposals only to have them pull out at the last minute.

An acquisition extension was then negotiated with the selling bank which gave time to establish a new lender. Thankfully Jmbrealty Services Inc. maintains great relationships with several lenders. The new lender understood the transaction as well as the risks and opportunity. Within two weeks of receiving the loan commitment the appraisal was done (spot on the Jmbrealty's projections!!) and the loan was closed.  


This type of transaction is extremely difficult to accomplish; especially with financing involved. Only experienced professionals can make this happen - FROM IDENITY TO COMPLETION. This is where experience and ability to react is an essential ingredient. This is why working with Jmbrealty Services, Inc is your best choice. Give us a call at 612-836-1111 or 612-868-5353.

September, 2012
Let Jmbrealty Services
Make Money For You!

Are you frustrated  trying to finance or refinance your commercial realJames M. Bifaro JMBRealty estate property? Have you been frustrated over the past few years by banks and lenders offering you loan terms that don't make sense for your property?  Are you fed up with not being able to finance or sell your real estate? We can help you!! 

 We are looking for commercial real estate properties to finance, refinance, buy, invest in or provide equity investors.  Now is the time to move forward with your business plans. Jmbrealty Services, Inc. is here to let you know that there is a better way to provide the professional assistance you need to be successful. 

You have received this message because Jmbrealty Services wants to let you know that we are ready to provide you with your full commercial real estate needs to bring your business plans to reality. We will be sending out messages about once every month with valuable information about capitalizing on the improved lending and real estate trends and business  opportunities. 

We look forward to working with you. 

James M. Bifaro

Jmbrealty Services Newletter
Volume 24 Issue 7, Sepetember, 2012

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Prime Rate 3.25% 1 Month LIBOR 0.24% 5 Yr US Treasury 0.70% 5 Yr Swaps 1.00%
12 - MAT 0.15% 3 Month LIBOR 0.47% 10 Yr US Treasury 1.59% 10 Yr Swaps 1.76%
11th Dist COFI 1.14% 6 Month LIBOR 0.74% 30 Yr US Treasury 2.71%    

Featured Transaction:$5,200,000 Permanent Mortgage Financing and TI and Leasing Commission Line of Credit for an office building in Minneapolis, MN.  James M. Bifaro, Principal of Jmbrealty Services, Inc. arranged this two-tier financing program to accommodate borrower�s specific and challenging needs.

The Permanent Mortgage Financing was FIXED FOR 10 YEARS with an interest rate of 4.75%, a fixed rate term of 10 years, amortization based on 25 years and a loan amount based o 80% loan to value.

A Floating Rate Line of Credit was established to fund projected TI and Leasing Expense on vacant space.  Once the line is extended and the building meets lease up requirements, the Line of Credit will be merged into the Fixed Rate portion of the loan with the same terms as the original loan.

Challenges: Despite an excellent site, this office building was 80% leased and no other lease opportunities insight.  The construction loan was maturing and the current large bank construction lender was putting the pressure on to get this loan paid off.

In addition, there were multiple equity partners who refused to sign any form of guarantee.  Institutional lender�s underwriting terms were very conservative and did not meet the needs to pay off the existing loan.  25% of the original tenant leases were maturing in three years.

Solution: Jmbr contacted several of its lending sources that it has long established relationships with and developed this financing program that met all of the borrowers needs and overcame the challenges.

Results: There are plenty of Mortgage Bankers out there that can make phone calls to lenders.  At Jmbr � we add 35 years of experience in every facet of Commercial Real Estate, tremendous experience proven track record, great lender sources with established relationships.  Why would you work with anyone else?  Give us a call at 612-836-1111 or 612-868-5353.

Jmbrealty Services,Inc. Was founded in 1982 by James M. Bifaro, is a full-service Commercial and Residential real estate organization.  Jmbrealty Services, Inc. is actively involved in all phases of real estate, including Sales, Financing, Equity, Development, Acquisition, Evaluation, Tenant Representation, Corporate Services, Asset Management, Property Management, On-site Property Management and Consulting.


Jmbrealty Services, Inc.      2811 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55416        612-836-1111       612-836-1112(FAX)

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