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Jmbrealty Services, Inc. is actively involved in all phases of real estate, including sales, financing, equity, development, acquisition, evaluation, tenant representation, corporate services, asset management and consulting.


Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has a long track record of originating a large volume of quality real estate financing transactions. While a variety of lenders have been utilized over the past several years, we have concentrated on completing the majority of our loan transactions with a network of lenders in which an established relationship has been developed.


We understand the economics and trends of the real estate market. That knowledge and relationships, combined with a superior network of developers, owners, lenders, investors, financial institutions and real estate professionals, enables Jmbrealty Services, Inc. to originate loans to suit clients needs at the right time and with the right competitive terms.


Jmbrealty Services, Inc. provides full corporate and asset management services from start to finish.


 Jmbrealty Services, Inc. provides property management services that enhance and protect your investment by ensuring your property is well maintained and a maximum occupancy level is maintained with minimal tenant turnover.


 Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has the experience and capacity to originate real estate financing transactions of any size and any type including residential. Our professional staff has the expertise to find the right investors to secure the most competitive financing package.

Jmbrealty Services, Inc.      2811 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55416        612-836-1111       612-836-1112(FAX)

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