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Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has a track record of originating a large volume of quality real estate financing transactions. While a variety of lenders have been utilized over the past several years, we have concentrated on completing the majority of our loan transactions with a network of lenders in which an established relationship has been developed.

Jmbrealty Lending ServicesWe take great pride in our loan origination performance. Over its many years, Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has originated a substantial amount of quality loans during both excellent and difficult real estate market conditions.

Our emphasis on quality and relationship lending has kept Jmbrealty Services, Inc. well respected by its clients, lenders and the industry. Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has built a reputation for anatlytical skill, professionalism, attention to detail, effective loan structuring, knowledge and an eager drive to make your deal work.

Primary debt and equity sources include life insurance companies, pension funds, governmental institutions, commercial banks, conduits, Wall Street, equity funds and private investors.

Our full real estate services and long established track record enhances our high level of performance and capabilities.

Jmbrealty Services, Inc.      2811 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55416        612-836-1111       612-836-1112(FAX)

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