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Jmbrealty Services, Inc. has the skills and experience to effectively manage your property. Property management is both an art and science, requiring the experience and knowledge that we can provide to maximize your return. We are stewards of your bottom line and bring our experience to bear for the success of your commercial property investment.

Property Management Services

  • Day to day operations management of propertyJmbrelaty Services Property Management

  • Management of property maintenance, repair and construction

  • Personal service to solve tenant and owner issues quickly, effectively and in the best interest of both

  • Tenant retention to ensure high occupancy rates and low turnover

  • Tenant and contract negotiation and renewal

  • Administrative support to handle all tenant related issues

  • Management of move-in, move-out and periodic inspections

  • Improvement planning to increase property value and maximize investment value

  • Adherence to all applicable federal, state and local regulations

  • Cost conscious - we scrutinize expenses as if they were our own

  • Full analytical support for all tenant negotiating

Jmbrealty Services, Inc.      2811 France Ave. So., Minneapolis, MN 55416        612-836-1111       612-836-1112(FAX)

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